Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Thursday, September 10, 2009


.....and you would be right. It is a movie, (that is currently in post production) but I received such great feedback on the story that I decided to adapt the script into a book.

Why?, you ask. Well I believe "White Boy Brown" is a story that speaks to many major issues that all normal human beings experiences. Love, Family, Relationship, Forgiveness, and Restoration. I would like as many people as possible to enjoy this story, as others have. So if movies aren't your thing you can read the book.

When?, Where? and How Much? you ask. Well the book will be available mid December, (if the publishers stop playing with me) just in time for Christmas through (I will keep you posted on details) The cost has yet to be determined, but let me warn you it will not be cheap. Just kidding. (maybe)

Thank you all for checking in on the blog and being apart of the Stop and Watch Film family. CLICK onto photo for book details.

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