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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009


 While sitting in a local park in the fall of 2008 I noticed a  beautiful little girl, no older than three or four playing with a woman who appeared to be her mother. The trust the little girl had for the woman was visibly evident as she swung on the monkey bars. I was drawn to their relationship in particular because of the apparent ethnic differences between the two. The woman was Caucasian and the girl African American or at least in part. I assumed the woman was married to, or at least dated a black man and produced this little beauty. But then a whole new can of worms opened up. 
 A Caucasian man entered the park and went up to the woman and child that I was watching and gave them both hugs and kisses. This is where things started getting confusing. I thought to my self she is surely a mixed child how are both her parents white. I was sitting there minding someone else business trying to make sense of it all. I thought of every possible reason why this child had two parents different from herself. The last thought I had was that maybe she was adopted. If so this little girl didn’t care and probably didn’t know what it meant, she just loved on both the man and woman as if this was normal. And it was.
I began thinking of how their relationship would be compared to other “normal” ones I was used to. The struggles the joys, etc, I thought this would make a great story. But I’ve seen this before but what I haven’t seen much of was the opposite a white child in a black family. Here was my story. Right away I knew the kind of plight I wanted my character to have what struggles and accomplishments he would experience, mine. This is the only way the character of Johnny would come alive. I then fashioned this character around man I knew who purposely took up the plight of another ethnic background, John Brown the Abolitionist, hence the characters name JOHNNY BROWN.      
Sean Writer/Director

Thursday, September 10, 2009


.....and you would be right. It is a movie, (that is currently in post production) but I received such great feedback on the story that I decided to adapt the script into a book.

Why?, you ask. Well I believe "White Boy Brown" is a story that speaks to many major issues that all normal human beings experiences. Love, Family, Relationship, Forgiveness, and Restoration. I would like as many people as possible to enjoy this story, as others have. So if movies aren't your thing you can read the book.

When?, Where? and How Much? you ask. Well the book will be available mid December, (if the publishers stop playing with me) just in time for Christmas through (I will keep you posted on details) The cost has yet to be determined, but let me warn you it will not be cheap. Just kidding. (maybe)

Thank you all for checking in on the blog and being apart of the Stop and Watch Film family. CLICK onto photo for book details.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

5th and Final week of Production.

Our last week of production began with challenges, and uncertainties but ended with a euphoric experience. Sunday evening the Associate Producer/Accountant/Wardrobe/Food services Lady, slash many more job titles, turned to me with fright in her voice and said "we have no more money." I turned to my front line soldier, as I stuck my chest out like any other General or leader would, and said..."Shucks"

I gathered myself together, put my stress in check and began searching my brain on how we were going to complete this final week of filming, knowing our funds were nearly depleted. Then I was reminded, we've been in this situation before. On one occasion I think it was the 3rd week, tolls, transportation, gas and food was needed for the actors and crew, we also ran out of tapes for the camera (dem suckers cost like $149.00 for a box of 10. Thank you B&H Photo) And some cast members wanted anything other than pasta. Monique turned to me with that familiar fright and said "what you gone do?" Let me ask you what would you do in this situation:
1. Pray
2. Cry
3. Ask mommy or Daddy
4. Pick a corner on forty deuce (times is hard son)
I opted for choices 1,2, and 3 cause what kind of filmmaker would I be if I was out selling my treats on the ave? But it paid off. A miracle happened. I went to the mailbox on the 2nd day of that 3rd week of shooting and there was an envelope with a check for $500.00 with a note attached saying, "follow your dream". (Thank you Pittman Law Group for your love and support) It was on! We were able to complete the 3rd and 4th week.

So here I was back at the 5th and final week how would we pull this one off. Sorry I'll let you know what happened next time, I gotta return these red stilettos and mini skirt.

Thanks to Comedian Coy who came out and did his thing as COUSIN CLARK. He had us all in stitches.
Sean. Writer/Director

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week # 4 is complete and no one has strangled anyone yet.

We began this week with filming at one of my favorite spots. Chic-N-Bones Rhythm Cafe. The owners at Chic-n-bones were gracious enough to allow us to film in there establishment, thank you Cindy and family. I was also pleased to have four employees of Bones play roles in the film. Gene Palleschi, Matt Dasaro, Eric the Chef, and John Savoca. They all did an amazing job. John Leary helped out with clap board, he also has a role too.

The weather was hot and humid all week, so we were battling to stay cool, in more ways than one. This weeks stress level seemed to be on the rise. Re-scheduling, re-writes, re-shoots. The Director of Photography Luis Cabrera turned to me this week and said "it's not easy huh?" I thought I would have to check into a hospital for having a nervous breakdown. But at the end of the week everything fell right into place just like a puzzle we even had time to celebrate Monique's birthday. Thanks to the whole cast and crew for enduring. This baby is bout to be born. Welcome Back Jorge (Jr Velez)

Sean. Writer/Director

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The most amazing thing happened this week. We needed a few more extras for our college scene on Thursday and we were getting down to the wire. I asked the producer Eren Moore to go to the lobby of the location we were filming at to see if she could scoop up some college age kids from the street. I saw horror in her eyes, along with, are you kidding me "Mr Director". Despite all that she went. I told another producer to pray, "hard". I went to a secluded room and began to pace. I came out a few minutes later and Eren had this huge smile on her face and she was pointing, I turned to see what she was pointing at and I started smiling too. There were four college age kids from Holland staying at the very location we were shooting at. They were amused to be apart of the film. They had just arrived by plane, and were exhausted. (It's a 6 hour time difference) They were the perfect extras. They needed very little direction. The only thing they kept smiling. Maybe they thought I was some famous director. Oh how wrong they are if they thought that....... at least for now.

Week 3 has come and gone, and what a week it was. We only filmed two days out of the week but it seemed like five.

Thursday was our first late night shoot. We were done at 2:00 am. The trick to keeping the cast from leaving was simple, I just locked all the doors and told them I didn't have the keys. The

Director of Photography did an awesome job as always he was a trooper. We love ya Luis. Couldn't do it without you.

Eren's mom hooked up some soul food for Thursday. Greens, Mac & Cheese, Chicken, Tatta salad. We were all southern that night.

Sean Writer/Director

Saturday, July 18, 2009

2nd Week of Production

Week two started out with a production meeting on Sunday evening, where we went over the progress of week 1. We were
blessed with the perfect weather for filming (overcast).

Our main character's mom hooked up some amazing spanish
food at the end of the week. The crew was tired of pasta although
Monique did a great job in the kitchen.
Sean. Writer/Director

"2ND WEEK OF PRODUCTION WAS...Hmmmm what can i say "very interesting"---and it was all good---"ain't no stoppin' us now...we on the move"---from da produca Eren Moore

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