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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The most amazing thing happened this week. We needed a few more extras for our college scene on Thursday and we were getting down to the wire. I asked the producer Eren Moore to go to the lobby of the location we were filming at to see if she could scoop up some college age kids from the street. I saw horror in her eyes, along with, are you kidding me "Mr Director". Despite all that she went. I told another producer to pray, "hard". I went to a secluded room and began to pace. I came out a few minutes later and Eren had this huge smile on her face and she was pointing, I turned to see what she was pointing at and I started smiling too. There were four college age kids from Holland staying at the very location we were shooting at. They were amused to be apart of the film. They had just arrived by plane, and were exhausted. (It's a 6 hour time difference) They were the perfect extras. They needed very little direction. The only thing they kept smiling. Maybe they thought I was some famous director. Oh how wrong they are if they thought that....... at least for now.

Week 3 has come and gone, and what a week it was. We only filmed two days out of the week but it seemed like five.

Thursday was our first late night shoot. We were done at 2:00 am. The trick to keeping the cast from leaving was simple, I just locked all the doors and told them I didn't have the keys. The

Director of Photography did an awesome job as always he was a trooper. We love ya Luis. Couldn't do it without you.

Eren's mom hooked up some soul food for Thursday. Greens, Mac & Cheese, Chicken, Tatta salad. We were all southern that night.

Sean Writer/Director


  1. Hi, I am Puck (from Holland)and I was, together with my sister, niece and nephew in New York. It was our very first trip to the USA and is was very exiting ! The casting in the elevator and playing in your movie was one of the highlights of the first day of our holiday !!
    Succes with the movie !

  2. Hi Puck thanks for being apart of the film. See you at the movies.


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