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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Music Behind White Boy Brown

I would like to give many thanks to the fine muscians who have graced us with their talents and who have contributed their music to the White Boy Brown movie. Also I will update you on what's next for these performers. I would like to begin with a long time friend John Wineglass.
Since scoring the film John has started on another indie film which is 'untitled' and has two commissioned projects - one is an orchestra suite and the other is a viola concerto. John is also finishing up an album with his associate a violinist from Julliard, and they have concerts up until the fall. Currently John is still scoring for daytime television and works as a professor at California State University. John hopes to recieve a nomination at the 2010 Emmy Awards this year which will be his eighth nomination, but whos counting. He has already won 3 so far...

Another long time friend Maya Caballero whos folk style voice can be heard on the White Boy Brown trailer, has blossomed into an artist who is able to hold her own. She's a writer, a poet and a singer, whos words penetrates the souls of her listeners. Maya performs all original songs which makes her a triple threat to the music industry.

Maya is currently in Tucson Arizona recording her debut album with Calexico her band. I had the pleasure of directing Maya a few weeks ago in a music video for two songs that are featured in the film, "Beni" and "All Roads Lead to Here". The videos will be posted very shortly and will be apart of the special features on the DVD of White Boy Brown.

Lastly but definetly not least. Farayi Moore was there from the begining of Stop and Watch Films. Farayi contributed her original song Surrender to our very first short film RUNAWAY SLAVE in 2007 and has been a faithful friend and a constant inspiration.

Farayi recently had a run on the 2010 American Idol series, where she even wowed Simon, the toughest among the the judges. Farayi is planning to record her album in the near future which will consist of original songs. Her song "As You Are" can be heard in the film.

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