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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week # 4 is complete and no one has strangled anyone yet.

We began this week with filming at one of my favorite spots. Chic-N-Bones Rhythm Cafe. The owners at Chic-n-bones were gracious enough to allow us to film in there establishment, thank you Cindy and family. I was also pleased to have four employees of Bones play roles in the film. Gene Palleschi, Matt Dasaro, Eric the Chef, and John Savoca. They all did an amazing job. John Leary helped out with clap board, he also has a role too.

The weather was hot and humid all week, so we were battling to stay cool, in more ways than one. This weeks stress level seemed to be on the rise. Re-scheduling, re-writes, re-shoots. The Director of Photography Luis Cabrera turned to me this week and said "it's not easy huh?" I thought I would have to check into a hospital for having a nervous breakdown. But at the end of the week everything fell right into place just like a puzzle we even had time to celebrate Monique's birthday. Thanks to the whole cast and crew for enduring. This baby is bout to be born. Welcome Back Jorge (Jr Velez)

Sean. Writer/Director

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