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Sunday, August 9, 2009

5th and Final week of Production.

Our last week of production began with challenges, and uncertainties but ended with a euphoric experience. Sunday evening the Associate Producer/Accountant/Wardrobe/Food services Lady, slash many more job titles, turned to me with fright in her voice and said "we have no more money." I turned to my front line soldier, as I stuck my chest out like any other General or leader would, and said..."Shucks"

I gathered myself together, put my stress in check and began searching my brain on how we were going to complete this final week of filming, knowing our funds were nearly depleted. Then I was reminded, we've been in this situation before. On one occasion I think it was the 3rd week, tolls, transportation, gas and food was needed for the actors and crew, we also ran out of tapes for the camera (dem suckers cost like $149.00 for a box of 10. Thank you B&H Photo) And some cast members wanted anything other than pasta. Monique turned to me with that familiar fright and said "what you gone do?" Let me ask you what would you do in this situation:
1. Pray
2. Cry
3. Ask mommy or Daddy
4. Pick a corner on forty deuce (times is hard son)
I opted for choices 1,2, and 3 cause what kind of filmmaker would I be if I was out selling my treats on the ave? But it paid off. A miracle happened. I went to the mailbox on the 2nd day of that 3rd week of shooting and there was an envelope with a check for $500.00 with a note attached saying, "follow your dream". (Thank you Pittman Law Group for your love and support) It was on! We were able to complete the 3rd and 4th week.

So here I was back at the 5th and final week how would we pull this one off. Sorry I'll let you know what happened next time, I gotta return these red stilettos and mini skirt.

Thanks to Comedian Coy who came out and did his thing as COUSIN CLARK. He had us all in stitches.
Sean. Writer/Director

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